Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Find A Book Is Part Of The Top Ten New Books With School Themes List!

One of my favorite weekly things to read is...
... from my friend Matthew Winner's wonderful blog
It is called Top Ten Tuesday.  

I just love seeing what books Matthew will bring together and reading about each one.  
Today I was so excited to see this post about the Top Ten Books With School Themes because my new book Find a Book was part of the 10 books he mentioned!  

It is such a honor to have Find a Book mentioned on Matthew's blog and to be part of this amazing list.  
These are the other new books with school themes that he mentioned too.
To find out more about Find a Book, which is part of the Library Skills series I wrote, you can visit the Cantata Learning site here.

You can even listen to Emily Arrow, who wrote and produced the music, sing Find a Book and the others too on the Cantata site.
Oh...and don't miss the super fun Find a Book video Emily made with this fun group of students in the library too!

Thank you again Matthew.  You made our day, friend. 

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