Friday, August 25, 2017

36 New Stories and Songs For Your Library & Classroom From Cantata Learning!

What an amazing lineup of new stories and songs Cantata Learning has for our youngest learners this fall!  
In fact, there are 36 new titles for the Fall 2017 that include.....
one of my all-time favorite....the Sing and Draw Set with Blake Hoena, Tim Palin and Emily Arrow and of course...
my Library Skills Set with Kathyryn Durst as the illustrator and once again my friend Emily Arrow singing!  

One of the coolest things about all of the Cantata Learning titles is that each one is paired with a song, which brings the learning to life in such a special and meaningful way. 
There is a CD in the back of each book and...
the music is also available online.  

It is easy for the readers to get to the music with the QR code on the back and throughout each book. You just scan the QR code with any QR code reader to get to that song.  
Inside you will also find the sheet music (with the QR at the bottom of the page) and...
 the song lyrics too.
Also, on the Cantata Learning website you will find each book includes a place to stream the song, download the MP3 and sheet music, and you can even steam and download the instrumental version of the song.  This is the page where the QR code takes you too. 

One thing that I did in my library was put all of these songs together on a Symbaloo, so the students could get to them in one place.  
I did this by creating a Symbaloo webmix.  Each tile holds one title.  When you click on the tile or cover of the book, it takes you to that story and song on the Cantata Learning website.  

At the bottom of each seasons webmix, you will find the other seasons too.  They are marked so you can locate them easily.  
For example, click on Cantata Learning Spring 17....
and it will take you to all of the stories and songs for that amazing season. 

I know all of these will be a huge hit in your library!  They will bring giggles, wiggles, learning, creating and fun to your community too.  

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