Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Say Hello To Buncee Boards!

Today is the day!  The day Buncee is revealing that BIG surprise we have been talking about.  

Say Hello to Buncee Boards, a place to bring together Buncee's in a very special place. 

They are the perfect way for your class to collect, share, comment, collaborate and reach to each other's Buncee within your library, classroom and even half way around the world. 
As you can see from the Buncee Board above, I brought together several ways you can use Buncee in the library.  
Not only can we bring Buncee's together on a Buncee Board, we can also give feedback to each Buncee in form of reactions and comments.  

You can see these come up when I scroll over the Buncee in the middle above.  
If I click on the little thumb emoji....

several other pop up that I can click on too.  Once I click on one, it will show up in the number of responses on that Buncee.  
 You can also click on the Buncee and it will pop up in a window where you can...
 click on the thumb (reactions) or add comments.   
When you click on Comments, you can add them in this box.
You can also Share Your #BunceeBoard to invite others to add pins and comments.  I love this feature!
The Buncee can also be opened at the bottom of this window too.
Your Buncee Board can be edited with the tools in the right hand corner.

The little pencil allows you to change the title and subheading.
They can be shared by a link, email and through several social networks and online places.
 You can select who can view your Buncee Board,
 who can add pins, if the pins require approval,
 if you allow comments,
and if you want to allow copies.  

With the reveal of Buncee Boards, I know what I will be doing this week as I bring together Buncee's in a whole new way!  
On the Buncee blog,  you will also find an amazing post, 10 Ways To Use Buncee Boards, to give you ideas and inspiration. 

How are you going to use Buncee Board?  

We can't wait to hear your ideas.  

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