Saturday, August 12, 2017

KidLitTV and Ready Set Draw-ish Brings Us Something Special For Dot Day & Throughout The Year!

With Dot Day coming up, we are collecting ideas, resources and projects to do with our students and community.
I have been bringing together all of these things in something new....the Let's Celebrate Dot Day and Making Our Mark On The World Collection in Follett's Destiny.
You will find it here to use and share too.

One of my favorite things in this Collection is Peter Reynolds' THE DOT from Ready Set Draw-ish on KidLitTV.  

You will find this wonderful video of Peter talking and drawing dots here....

and also on the KidLitTV YouTube Channel, along with 26 other videos from Read Set Draw-ish. 

You will also find these under the Ready Set Draw-ish section on their site here. 

Just take a look at all of the amazing illustrators included so far....
And another favorite of mine...Ready Set Draw! with Aaron Becker's Watercolor JOURNEY!  

These are perfect to use on Dot Day, with the featured books, when discussing and learning different art techniques, connecting to illustrators and as our students explore these within their own interests too.  
There are just so many amazing things included on KitLitTV.  You will find it all at 
Oh...and don't forget to tune in for A Dot Day Livestream on September 15 at 1:00pm EST.  It is going to be such a fun connection for all of us on this very special day. 

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