Monday, August 28, 2017

Creatubbles...A Place To Showcase and Talk About Creativity!

In 2016, one of my favorite websites to be honored as an AASL Best Website was Creatubbles!
It was honored within the Social Networking and Communications category.  You can see this post here

The AASL Best Website Committee described Creatubbles as, 

You might think of Creatubbles as a kind of Facebook for young artists.  A students create 2D or 3D art or even audio or video.  Then he or she, or (if under 13) his teacher, librarian or parent, takes a photo and uploads the creation.  

Other people can view the art and, if registered, comment and add "like" bubbles.  Anyone can view the site, but art contributions are intended for 2 to 15 year-olds.  

As you can see Creatubbles has a lot to offer and this is one I would definitely check out as we start a new school year. 
Recently when I was at a conference in New York, I picked up this little card from Creatubbles with easy steps on how to sign up and get started too.
1. Go to to sign up.
2.  Add your students to your account.
3.  Add galleries for different activities with your students.

4. Give login information to your students and ask them to upload to your galleries.

5.  Browse, interact with, and share your class galleries and uploads with others.
You can even browse, interact and comment on others work too.  When you look at this drawing, you will see little bubbles over the top.  These are the comments that people are making.
Individual work can even be shared easily with a link, email or social media.

When I used this with students, they loved how they could keep a portfolio of their work with Creatubbles and share it with friends, teachers and their family.  They enjoyed looking at others work and commenting on it too.

And I loved that Creatubbles was a safe, social platform for my students that gave me the opportunity to have them share their work in a safe place, comment, receive feedback and view others work from around the world.
Creatubbles has created The Art Teacher Forum by Creatubbles Facebook Group to collaborate and get ideas from others around the world.  This is super helpful to art teachers but also to us as librarians and teachers too.  

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