Friday, August 18, 2017

3 Back to School Activities From Storyboard That!

As we kick off a new school year, check out all of these awesome ideas from Storyboard That!
You will find the post Back to School With Storyboard That filled with lots of back to school activities and ideas.  

I love the Summer Reading Project idea!  
With the Six Thinking Hats in the Classroom you can get your students to focus on a specific type of thinking at the same time.  What a powerful way to kick off a new year and then use these all year long. 
And of course we all need Icebreakers and Storyboard That has several awesome ones including Have Learned, Will Learn and Want To Learn.  
These ideas are just three of the dozens of wonderful Teacher Resources from Storyboard That.  

You will find a huge variety of plot diagrams, timelines, character maps, graphic organizers, storyboard templates and much more on their Teacher Resources page here

Take a look through these teacher guides and lesson plans for History, Science, Elementary Classroom, STEM Special Education, Middle School ELA and so much more. 

And let's keep sharing our ideas on how we are using Storyboard That in the classroom and library too.  

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