Sunday, August 6, 2017

Support Reading & Collaboration With Biblionasium and Destiny....Please Join Us For This New Webinar!

One of my favorite ways to get our students engaged and excited about reading is through the use of Biblionasium, which is an amazing online social reading community where they can share, celebrate and keep track of their life as readers.  
My students and I used Biblionasium from the very beginning and I have always loved to see how excited they get about keeping track and sharing the books they are reading, especially the ones they love and just can't wait to share. 

Biblionasium is the perfect reading community for all of our readers!
In fact, Biblionasium is now integrated with Follett's Destiny Discover platform making it better than ever before.  This partnership has created wonderful benefits to Destiny through its student-centric digital platform.  
As you get ready to kick off a new school year, I am excited to tell you that I will be sharing even more about Biblionasium in the webinar, Support Reading and Collaboration with Biblionasium and Destiny on August 30, 2017 at 2:00pm CST.  

In fact, I am honored to be presenting with Marjan Ghara, who is the founder and CEO of Biblionasium. I always love hearing what Marjan has to share about Biblionasium and I know you will too.  
As the Follett Community states, 

During this webinar you will receive a quick demo of the integration between Destiny and Biblionasium. You also will learn how Biblionasium can support reading and collaboration between teachers, librarians, parents and students.
We can't wait to share ideas, directions and even stories from students, teacher librarians and educators who love Biblionasium too.

You can register for the free webinar, Support Reading and Collaboration with Biblionasium and Destiny, here.

And find out more about the integration of Biblionasium and Follett here.

I look forward to connecting with all of you on August 30!  
Have fun getting ready for a new year until then too.

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