Saturday, August 12, 2017

Have You Heard What's New In Flipgrid? You Won't Want To Miss This!

Last night while I was in Seattle for the Puget Sound Librarian Conference, we watched our friends at Flipgrid as they shared lots of amazing new updates from the office in Minneapolis.
For those of you still new to Flipgrid, it is described on the site as the leading video discussion platform used by PreK to PhD educators, students and families around the world.  

Teachers post topics to spark the conversation and students respond with short videos.  Bring the back row to the front and engage all of your students. 
You will LOVE watching the Flipgrid Launch Event here to learn even more. 

Also, you can read all about the brand new Flipgrid on this post from their site.

Here are a couple of my favorite updates from last night....
It is so cool how YouTube and Vimeo videos or photos can be embed now to spark conversations.
We can even add different topic attachments through tools such as OneDrive, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.
And this might be one of the best new features!

Students can add a little individuality and flair by adding stickers and drawing to their selfie...just like they do in Snapchat, Instagram and other digital tools.

I also love how they can add links to websites, PDF's, articles and other places they'd like to highlight in their video response.
With all of these new updates, it is even more powerful to be able to appsmash Flipgrid into all of our favorite educational platforms such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Edmodo, Sway and others.  
They even redesigned the Teacher Admin and Dashboard in Flipgrid to make it easier to see the activity of your students, unviewed videos and.... 
all of the viewing going on within your Flipgrids at a glance. 

As you can see, the announcements Flipgrid made are super sweet and ones that you won't want to miss as you head into a new school year. 
If you are new to Flipgrid, you can sign up for Flipgrid One here.  

This will give you access to a free version of Flipgrid and allow you one grid with limited features.  

Flipgrid made a difference in my library by giving my students a voice and the confidence they needed to share their voice. 

 I know it will make a difference for your students too. 

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