Friday, August 18, 2017

Over 100 Ideas For Using Buncee In The Library and Classroom!

I love seeing how others use digital tools and apps in the library and classroom.  It gives us ideas and inspires us on how we are going to use these tools in our spaces.

A few months ago, I started to collect ideas for using Buncee in the library and classroom.  With so many wonderful tweets, posts and messages on how it was being used, I thought it would be fun to start a Padlet to bring these together in one place and where others could post their ideas too.
Since we started this, Padlet came out with a new layout called Shelf, which allows us to stack content in a series of columns.

So we took the Padlet and created several columns which not make searching and using the Buncee Padlet easier and even more inspiring.
You will find columns of ideas for Buncee Doodle, Reading/Language Arts, Summer reading, Future Ready Librarians, Library Signage and Branding Ideas, Science, Technology, Makerspaces, Social Studies, 
Students Engagement and Empowerment, Humor and Inspiration, Collaboration, Business and even more!

You will find the Let's Share Our Ideas For Using Buncee In The Library and Classroom Padlet here. 

Please add the ways you are using Buncee.  And feel free to add more columns if you don't see one that fits your ideas and posts.

This is our Padlet to inspire, collaborate and support one another.  Have fun...We can't wait to see how you are using Buncee this year too!

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