Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcome Them Back-To-School With Books!

I love visiting book stores and looking online for all of the sweet little books popping up everywhere about going back to school.  

This is perfect for teacher librarians and teachers because it is very special to celebrate this time of the year in creative, engaging and fun ways.  

Here are a few that I hope everyone is sharing this year....
The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray and illustrated by Mike Lowery is one of my all time favorites to share at the beginning of the school year.  

I always put together a little QR code scavenger hunt with the Gingerbread Man.  You can read all about this interactive activity here
Milk Goes To School by Terry Border is adorable.   
Schools First Day by Adam Rex and illustrated by Christian Robinson is one of the sweetest back-to-school stories. 

I am in love with this story.
People Who Help At School from Cantata Learning is perfect as we introduce our students to the people at school who help and how about...
the classic song and story Wheels On The Bus that Cantata has done such a terrific job on.....You can even listen to the music for both of these songs free on the website. 
A new one that I am loving for the library is The NOT So Quiet Library by Zachariah Ohora.  

You will love sharing this one with your students as they find out what makes the library not so quiet too. 
One of my absolute favorite new ones is Bedtime for Batman by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Ethen Beavers and published by Capstone.   
You and your students are going to love this little super hero as he prepares for of the greatest adventures he has yet! 
And one more series of books that I want to share.....and one that you will want to have in your library and classroom as school starts, Books and Songs to Teach Social and Emotional Skills
This gives us six more of the Cantata Learning stories that are paired with awesome songs to teach our little ones these essential social and emotional skills such as Sharing Time and Let's Cooperate.  

Now because there are so many back-to-school books I want to share with you, we have created....
The Back-to-School Pinterest Board is filled with beautiful books perfect for this time of the year.    

If there are others you think we need to add, please let me know or ask to become a collaborator on our Pinterest Board too. 
And as you are reading and looking for a few of these books to share, don't forget to tie in a little more music with Emily Arrow's uplifting and fun song We're Back!  that is the perfect accommodate to all of these back-to-school books you want to share! 

Have fun friends.

And remember, sharing books and singing songs is always special....Especially this time of year.  

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