Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Matthew Winner and Mrs. P Catch Up & Celebrate Her "Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest" On The All The Wonders Podcast!

Two of my most favorite people and friends came together last week to talk about some very exciting things about reading, writing and making wonderful connections throughout the year!
Matthew Winner talked with Mrs. P on the All The Wonders podcast and it was awesome!
Mrs. P, founder of Mrs. P's Magic Storytime, talked with Matthew about the first rule of comedy and how the need to be perfect stops us from writing. 
One of the big announcements during their time together was the 2016 8th Annual Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest which runs from September 1 to November 15.  All classrooms grades kindergarten through 4th can participate.
You can visit MrsP.com for entry details.
I am excited to even be one of the judges this year.  I can't wait to read all of the amazing library stories.
I loved every minute of this podcast!  You can listen to it here.
You can subscribe to the All The Wonders podcast too!

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