Tuesday, August 16, 2016

PebbleGo Brings Us Biographies For Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump During The 2016 Election!

Our friends at Capstone have brought us the perfect resources for the election!

With official candidates for the 2016 Election, Capstone added two new articles to the PebbleGo Biographies database today!

Your students will now be able to find biographies for Hillary Clinton and...
Donald Trump.
In PebbleGo Biographies, these will be found two different ways.

First, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can be found by searching for their names in the Search at the top.
 Also, you can search in Women-First Ladies for Hillary Clinton and...
in Business Leaders for Donald Trump.

Within each of the Biographies...
you will find six tabs along the top of the article including Introduction, Education, Work and Family, Later Work, 
2016 Election and Related Articles. 

These articles can be read aloud to the students or independently.
 At the bottom of each article, you will find a Timeline and...
...place to Print the articles and images too.
One of my favorite parts of PebbleGo are the Activities that are paired with each article.

These helped my youngest students turn into researchers as they can Share What You Know for each article they read and listen to.  There is a place for them to draw and write on each Activity sheet from PebbleGo.
In these two articles, you will find an activity for Hillary Clinton and....
Donald Trump asking your students to Draw A Picture, Write Facts, and share What Is Important about each candidate.

This is a wonderful activity for your youngest learners as they read, learn, research and share their new knowledge of each during this very important year in America's history.

You can login to PebbleGo here to sign in or request a free trial of PebbleGo here.

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