Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let's Share Our Makerspace Logistics! When, How and Why Do Your Students Use The Makerspace?

This is one of the biggest questions we all have when we start our Makerspaces.  
When, How and Why Do Your Students Use The Makerspace? 
It is something that I worked through when we started ours.  
Now as my sister Heather kicks off her Mobile Makerspace at Amana Elementary, she is working through the same thing. 
I love the idea that Heather came up with for her Mobile Makerspace.  

She has created the Makerspace Rotation Chart.  

Each grade level has a laminated list of all the students.  When they come to the library each week, four students will have time in the Makerspace.  They will take a dry erase marker to cross out their name.  This will help Heather and her students keep track of the rotation without questions of whose turn it is week to week.  

With the charts being laminated, it will be easy to write and whip off the dry erase marker.  

Heather and I would LOVE to hear other ideas too.  
I created a Padlet today....Let's Share Our Makerspace Logistics that you can find here

Heather added her Makerspace Rotation Chart.  I also added lots of tweets from this questions I asked on Twitter last year.  You can find the tweets below and also on the Padlet. 

Thank you for sharing your ideas, schedules, thoughts....Whatever you want to share on the Padlet. This will be especially helpful as we kick off another year of making in our spaces.  

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