Friday, August 12, 2016

Three More Adorable Weeded Book Projects From Heather's Library!

I just have to share a couple more weeded book projects with you from my sister Heather's library. 

When I shared the first post Weeded Book Pages Make A Mark In The Library & For Dot Day....and Lots Of Other Ideas Too, Heather had created the cutest display out of weeded books for Dot Day. 

She was also working on this banner that she hung across one part of the elementary library. 
She took the covers of weeded picture books, cut out letters that she printed off... once again in the Fredericka the Great font. 
She glued them onto the covers and taped each cover to the string.  So cute!  
The second weeded book project I love is this bulletin board welcoming students into the library.

It says...The thing I LOVE most about this library are the students I share it with. 
She typed up the phrase, printed it on paper, cut it out and glued each one onto a page of a weeded book.
I love the fabric covering the board and sweet little boarder and banner over the top.

Her students will love this too!
The last weeded book project...and one of my favorites....are the READ decoupaged letters she created.

Heather took four weeded books that were a few of her favorite children's books.   She cut phrases and illustrations out of book per letter.
She then used ModPodge with a sponge brush to layer the things she cut out onto the white wooded letters she bought at Hobby Lobby.
She kept laying under the letters were covered with the words and illustrations.
What a beautiful way to create a READ message for her library....One that will stand out for her readers for sure.

Way to go Heather....Your creativity and reuse of weeded books is an inspiration to us all.  
I will add this post to the Pinterest Board Weeded Book Crafts, Projects and Repurposing, which is full of more adorable ideas.

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