Sunday, August 7, 2016

How Do We Listen....Cantata Learning's Song of the Mont Will Help You As You Kick Off Your New Year Too!

With school starting this month for a lot of you, I am sure that this song and story would come in handy...
Oh how do we listen? Not with out toes or nose, But we hear with our ears.  

Oh, how do we listen?  With help from our eyes, hands and ears.  It's clear!  
And guess what?  This is Cantata Learning's Song of the Month!  It is How Do We Listen? and you can find this wonderful story and song from Cantata on the website here.
....and you can find this wonderful story and song from Cantata on the website here.

You can even stream or download the song here too...I love that about all of the Cantata Learning titles.
This title is part of the Me, My Friends, My Community series which included...
 I'll Share, 
 Let's Clean Up, 
 The Rude Moose, 
 and of course...How Do We Listen?  

What an essential and fun series of books to add to your library and classroom collection!
As you get ready for your students, this book and series would be perfect too!  We have created a lesson plan for How Do We Listen. 

You can find the lesson plan here on the Cantata Learning blog.
You can download the lesson plan from the post,
which will help students develop listen skills with the lesson plan that includes a technology extension using Flipgrid and an art project based on the classic listening game, Simon Says.
I love the Technology and Art Extension, along with the others that are included in the lesson plan.
You can tie in FlipGrid which is a terrific technology tool to use as students listen and follow directions as they capture their recording and response too.

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