Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bringing Sign Language To Your Students Through Cantata Learning's Happy Birthday, Kylie Jean & Other Wonderful Capstone Books!

Last spring I loved watching my dear friends Tracy Ferguson Staci Braun and their 2nd graders learn how to sing Happy Birthday using sign language and in Spanish.  

You can read all about this wonderful day here
For most of the students, it was their first time using sign language and they loved the experience of learning with the beautiful illustrations and...
music that you can find here and above on the website...
I love what Cantata did with this classic birthday song as they put English, Spanish, and American Sign Language together in one book that is a must for every library and classroom!
It is available in print and eBook, with the music available to stream or download from the website.
You can find out more about this book here and on the Capstone website.

As I watched the 2nd graders sing and sign Happy Birthday together, I realized how important it was for them to learn these two languages that were new to them.  

Since that experience, I came across more books that contain sign language which I can't wait to share with them and other students, teachers and librarians too.  
The first one is brand new from Capstone!

It is called Kylie Jean....Gymnastics Queen.  
Your readers will love learning all about Kylie Jean's new friend in this sweet story about one of our favorite children's literature characters from Capstone.

You will find it here.
The second find was a series called Time To Sign, also from Capstone.  This series includes four engaging and lovely books including...
These books are available in print and also on Capstone Interactive as eBooks. 
On the Cantata Learning website, you will also find the Happy Birthday Feliz Cumpleanos Lesson Plan that will give you lots of ideas for using this book alongside sign language in your library and classroom.   

Have fun bringing Happy Birthday to your students through new and special ways this year.  

You will be giving them one of the best gifts of learning new languages and sharing happiness with others.  

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