Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I Checked Out Velocity From Voyager Sopris Learning... You'll Want To See It, Too!

With ISTE several weeks behind us, I am still reflecting on all of the awesome things I saw and learned about. 

One of the resources that keeps popping up in my mind is Velocity, a unique adaptive learning program.  

After the conference, I was able to see a demo for myself from Voyager Sopris Learning and now I am hooked and excited to learn even more! 
As Velocity is now being piloted in schools all over the country, new features are being added and I was impressed that this exciting tool has so much promise for students and literacy.

A few things that really stuck out as being different about Velocity...

It's a dynamic, online literacy program for K-5 students that optimizes the way education is experienced--its technology empowers and enhances both teachers and students. 

It is more than online practice; it’s more than educational entertainment; it’s more than an online program. Velocity transforms classrooms into 21st century optimized learning stations. 

It's real-time adaptive-- which means it is changing along with the student, not only after incorrect responses.

It is perfect for 1:1 instruction.

Velocity features these wonderful little characters. Our young people will love Dash, the cute little sloth, and his buddies who talk to students, direct them, and encourage them as they work through this adaptive learning program.   
Learning is so much fun with characters and 'worlds".  They engage and motivate a love of reading and challenge students with new skills on grade-level and beyond. 

Velocity also fills in the instructional gaps of individual students. 

As you can see, I can't say enough about Velocity!  And I sure can't wait to follow this amazing program throughout the school year. 

For now, I will report back in the next few weeks with more on Velocity but this is a tool you'll want to learn more about, too. 

For more information, please visit Velocity at

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