Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#CantataLearning .... A New Way To Celebrate The Creativity, Voice, Mind and Passion Of Our Students!

The conversations, sharing and learning on Twitter is one of the best parts about using this amazing social networking platform.  . 

By using hashtags # in our tweets, we are sharing and engaging others on Twitter to take part in that specific conversation too.  
As teacher librarians and educators we share and join conversations using #tlchat (Teacher Librarian Chat), 
#iowatl (Iowa Teacher Librarian Chat) #edchat, #musiced and lots of others.  

I also love seeing what authors, illustrators, digital tool companies and publishers have to share and say on Twitter.  It is amazing what we can find and the things that are shared within this social network.  

One of my favorites to follow is Cantata Learning at @cantatalearning

I love seeing what the authors and illustrators for the Cantata books and songs share.  The sketches of the new illustrations and book ideas are my favorite tweets from them. 
I use @CantataLearning too!

I share the new books and songs I am excited about and can't wait to share with my little friends.

I share ideas for using Cantata Learning within education and empowering music can be to learning.

I share projects that I do with students using the Cantata Learning songs and books.  Look at this tweet above.  I tweeted Look what my 2nd grade friends created for MLK last year after reading and singing with @CantataLearning 

By clicking on the link in the tweet others were able to see...
the beautiful book the 2nd graders created using original art work and putting it into a digital tool called Flipsnack.  

By sharing on Twitter, people around the world were able to read and listen to their story....think about what that meant to the 2nd graders.  
We have also been sharing a lot of tweets focusing around the Cantata Learning Harmony Projects.  

Harmony Projects are global projects which are inspired by Cantata Learning books and songs.  They are an opportunity for your students to showcase their creativity in a variety of ways from writing stories and poems to creating videos, recipes, artwork and more! 

The tweet above was during our first Harmony Project #WinterAroundTheWorld.  The 2nd graders participated by researching, creating and sharing their winter in Iowa.  
As we kick off our next Harmony Project, Give A Shout Out To Your Community, we have already started to tweet and share it on Twitter. 

And this week we are adding something new to our tweets....

We are going to get a conversation start on Twitter using #cantatalearning to share singing, creating, learning, reading and fun!  

And of course, we can continue to use @cantatalearning.
Now when we tweet and when we follow what others are sharing, #cantatalearning will be a hashtag and conversation that we use and look for on Twitter too.

This will be a special place to celebrate the creativity, voice, mind and passion of our students.

We want you to be part of this conversation and we can't wait to see what you and your students share too.

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