Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inspired By Visual Notetaking & New Friends At The PBLNY Conference Today!

One of the coolest things happened today!
I had the honor of being part of the Making Learning Happen @ PBLNY 2016 Conference in Syracuse with my dear friends from the OCMBOCES.

I worked with educators in two workshops today and had a wonderful time learning and teaching, while meeting lots of new friends and colleagues.
Leland Melvin kicked off the conference with the opening keynote.  

It was such an inspiration to hear Leland's story of being a professional athlete, astronaut, scientist, engineer, photographer, and musician.  It is definitely one of perseverance and passion. 
He is now empowering the next generation of explorers to pursue STEAM careers, which was a powerful message for all of us to embrace as educators.
During his keynote, the very talented Rachel Brian, crafted amazing visual notes on a giant piece of paper.  It was really powerful seeing Leland's keynote through the eyes of Rachel.

After lunch I went into the ballroom I was presenting in and there was Rachel again.
This time the blank piece of paper on the wall was for my presentation Inspiring Innovation and Creativity In Makerspaces With Digital Tools and Apps.  

I was very excited to see what she would create during the two hours I would be presenting and working with our group.
After lots of sketching, color and thoughtfulness...
 ... my work came to life too in the hands of Rachel.
 She had captured my ideas, thoughts and feelings perfectly.
 She included the digital tools and apps we learned about including eduBuncee, Chromville,
Minecraft, LEGO's, Build With Chrome, Creatubbles, Symbaloo,
 Bloxels, Soundtrap, 
FlipSnack, Canva, Bloomz and Picmonkey to name a few.

It was the best!  I loved seeing my thoughts, ideas and words on this masterpiece she had created.

Through collaboration, creativity and insight, she was able to create something beautiful. Rachel's work has so many things to teach us.  I can't wait to learn and try it out too.
Learning more about visual notetaking is one of my personal summer goals. As I learn more, I will make sure to share it with all of you here too.

Thank you Rachel and Leland for the inspiration.  You two are making a difference in the world. 

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