Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Fun New Place For The Gingerbread Man From Laura Murray!

There is a little gingerbread man who holds a very special place in our library.

He is the Gingerbread Man created by my friend Laura Murray.
Laura now has four books in this series including her brand new one...
The Gingerbread Man Loose In The Zoo, which I LOVE!  

And I cannot wait for The Gingerbread Man & The Leprechaun Loose At School coming in 2018!  

Yesterday, I saw Laura announce her new website and couldn't wait to check it out!  
 You can find the Laura Murray website here.

There are so many wonderful things on her website including a place for Books, Visits, News & Calendars and....
 a very special place for Educators
 On this page, there are Activities and Classroom Resources for each book including...
 three of the Gingerbread Man books.
 Laura has also included Gingerbread Man Resources, Printables and...
Teacher/Librarian-Created Connection Ideas.  
I love that she even included the two Gingerbread Man QR Scavenger Hunts that we did at Van Meter with our little ones.  
Thank you Laura for creating such a special place for all of us to go as we kick off another school year with your sweet little Gingerbread Man and all of the fun he brings with him.  

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