Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shannon's Top 5....You Can Get Them Today! And A 6th Book Free!

I love all of the Cantata Learning stories and songs!  

These wonderful and fun music enhanced picture books engage every type of learner through music, movement, art, and text.    
I love all of Cantata's books, but I do have a few favorites and we have put these together in...
Shannon's Top 5 Favorites!  
They are The Muffin Man, I've Been Working On The Railroad, Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleanos, Technology Is All Around You and Peaceful Leader: Martin Luther King Jr.  
When you purchase Shannon's Top Five, you will receive a sixth title, People Who Help At School, for free!
To purchase Shannon's Top 5 and other Cantata Learning books, visit CapstonePub.com.
If you haven't tried Cantata Learning yet or you want to add to your growing collection of these terrific books, now is the perfect time to be part of Shannon's Top 5 too!

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