Monday, August 15, 2016

28 Super Cool Projects In Maker Lab For All Of Your Makers This Year!

We are constantly making at our house.  





All filled with imagination, failure, success, happiness, excitement, anticipation and fun.  

I have always encouraged my children to use their imaginations and the materials we have to create and be creative.  I love to see what they make with the things around them...and to find things to create what their imagination sees.  This is the best way to be a maker.  

But it is also fun to be a maker through patterns, recipes, directions and instructions.  We are lucky because there are so many amazing books and resources now that bring our makers tons of ideas and inspiration.  
In our library, we have a special section just for books about making.  We have picture books, chapter books, and lots of nonfiction books about different types of making and inspiration.  

One of my new favorites that I added this summer is called Maker Lab...28 Super Cool Projects from DK and the Smithsonian, with a foreword by Jack Andraka.  
Maker Lab features 28 super cool projects using everyday materials that you will have around your library, classroom and home.
 Within each project, you will find simple step-by-step instructions...
 with the beautiful photographs that we love about all things DK publishes.
Not only can your makers see the materials they need for each project, they will also be able to see a photograph of the finished project too.
I love how DK has put the science behind every experiment into each project too. 
They will find this under How It Works. This is a great way to add these projects to your STEM curriculum this year.
 They have broken the 28 projects into four chapters including Food For Thought, Around The House, 
 Water World and The Great Outdoors.  
I know these projects with DAZZLE your makers....just like they dazzled me!

There is definitely something for everyone in this book.
You can find Maker Lab on the DK website...
along with other Makerspace resources.

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