Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vidcode & Snapchat Team Up For A Fun Coding Challenge!

How fun!  I loved seeing this message from VidCode today!  

Vidcode and Snapchat have come together to bring our students an awesome coding Back-To-School Challenge!  
They can build their own Snapchat filters with code using VidCode.

This is something that our students are going to love!
To participate in the Back-To-School Challenge, you must code a back-to-school filter and then share it.

People will vote on the Instagram filters that are submitted.

The winning filters will be on Snapchat!
To get start, you can go to this page on Vidcode
They have provided us with a few awesome examples of Snapchat filters too.

Have fun.

Be creative.
And get started here.   Hagan and I are going to work on coding his filter today!

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