Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bring The 6 New Cantata Learning Fairy Tales To Life With Music, Stories, Pictures, Projects and StoryboardThat!

The six new fairy tales from Cantata Learning are such fun to sing, read and share with children.  

Fairy Tales are always a favorite with students.  Cantata Learning has added music to these six classic fairy tales so students can sing along and join in on the adventures with their favorite characters.  

They offer a creative and engaging way to connect with all readers and support language arts standards. 
We have put together the Fairy Tale Tunes Lesson Plan for you to use with these fairy tales.

You can find it on the Cantata Learning blog here.
The lesson plan can be downloaded from the website in color or black and white.
The Technology, Language and Music & Art Extensions will be a fantastic way to integrate and celebrate fairy tales too.
One of my favorite digital tools to use with fairy tales is StoryboardThat where they can retell, create, write and explain these popular stories in storyboard and other formats too.
You can find the Storyboard Teacher Guides here.  Even if the fairy tale you are using isn't on this list, use these as inspiration and create a project and StoryboardThat project for yours too.

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