Sunday, August 7, 2016

Makerspace Carts Bring Mobile Making.....Look What Heather Is Bringing To Her Library & Students!

My sister Heather and I love to collaborate, brainstorm and share ideas on all kinds of things.

We went to college together to become teachers and now share a passion for school libraries as we are both teacher librarians.  We also share a love for creativity, organizing and bringing amazing experiences to children.

Heather and I have been throwing ideas back and forth as she plans new Makerspace areas and activities in her library this year.  During the conversation above, she mentions getting a cart for her space.
After suggesting looking for an old AV cart, she texted me a picture of the perfect cart for her Makerspace.

We then talk about ideas on this cart can be livened up with fun colors, organizational ideas and materials that will create a mobile making space and opportunity.

I cannot wait to see what Heather and her students create!  I know it will be something completely unique and perfect for her space and community.

Just like these Makerspace carts have brought making mobile too.
One of the coolest Makerspace carts is my friend Cynthia Alaniz's.  
You can read about it here in her post Makerspace Begins In The Library. 
 I have added these to my Makerspace-To-Go's and Carts Pinterest Board that you can find....
...along with my Makerspace Pinterest Board too. 

Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration, Heather.  We can't wait to see what you and the kids create!  

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