Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sharing Books With Buncee In Unique and Special Ways!

Our students love sharing the books they read and love.  

There are so many ways they can through projects, book reports, book clubs, Battle of the Books competition, celebrations throughout the year, and through wonderful conversations they have throughout the day.  

It is very special to see them use digital tools and devices to share their passion for reading and books too.  
One of the my favorite sites and apps to have them share book is Buncee.  

They can share student book reviews done in a variety of way as shown above in this Buncee my friend Meagan created,
retell stories, create their own stories based on books they have read, compare and contrast two books, share favorites or ones that weren't their favorites, and so much more.  

The possibilities are endless.  
You can also go to the Author's Corner on Buncee which features children's artists and how to use them in the classroom and library. 

I love the student submissions here too!  

So the next time you give your students a chance to share the books they love and are reading, give them Buncee and let them tell their story in a unique and very special way. 

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