Sunday, March 5, 2017

Create The Perfect Makerspace Signage!

With Makerspaces being such a special part of our libraries and schools, we love creating fun signage to announce and celebrate these spaces.  

We post things around and outside of our libraries.  We post in our hallways and on the doors coming into our schools.  We give teachers things to post in their classrooms too. 

We post things around our communities to bring in others who have special maker skills and resources too.  

And with Buncee's wonderful new library stickers, backgrounds and messages, plus a TON of assets already there, this is the perfect place to create your Makerspace signage too!  
Today, Hagan and I tried this out by creating a Makerspace poster in Buncee.

We started with one of my favorite backgrounds and added things from....
Robots and more.
After I added a few musical notes and instruments, we also thought I'd be fun to add...
one of the awesome STEM stories and songs from Cantata Learning, Technology Is All Around you...A Song For Budding Scientists.  I added the book cover to one of the shelves in our Buncee's and...
linked it to the song on the Cantata Learning website found here.

After we had our Buncee created, we wanted to print it off to hang up. 
 To do this, just go to Download in the right hand corner.
It will bring up this menu and let you Download All Slides or Select Slides. 

I downloaded one and printed it off....That is the one you see at the top of this post.

Then it got us thinking....What if we wanted a great big Makerspace poster?

We could use....
Block Posters!  

I took the Makerspace Buncee we downloaded, and uploaded into Block Posters.
It then gave us options on how big we wanted the poster, how many pages, boarder or no boarder, etc..  This is a very easy tool to use.

One you press Create My Poster, 
it will give you an explanation of the download.  This helps you as the pages are printing and how to put the poster together.

You will find our Makerspace poster here....Feel free to use it and download the Block Poster too.
Here is an example of the pages and what it will look like when printed off and put together.

As you can see, Buncee helped Hagan and I create such wonderful Makerspace posters....They will help you too!
You can find out more about Buncee here and if you want to use the Makerspace Buncee Hagan and I created, you will find it here.

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