Saturday, March 4, 2017

Look At These 4 New Books Perfect For Our Youngest Digital Citizens!

As a teacher librarian working with children, I was always looking for engaging resources to support digital citizenship, along with technology and media literacy.  

Last month at TCEA, I was very excited to find this wonderful new Capstone series, Our Digital Planet, by Ben Hubbard that support these skills and conversations in the perfect way for our youngest learners. 

As the Capstone site shares...

Take a look into the workings of our digital planet! From computer networks and wifi to processors and software, this series will take you inside the computer and online world that you use every day. Easy-to-read text and clear photos make a complex topic easy for beginning readers to understand. Readers learn about the workings of computers and how to use them safely.
 This series contains four books including, Staying Safe Online, 
Using Digital Technology, 
 How Coding Works, 
and How Computers Work.  

I love the bold topics across the top of each spread, beautiful images, text boxes that pop, important words highlighted and information that is easy to understand and engaging for our readers.
In the back of each book, there is also a Glossary that matches up with the words highlighted within the book.
And also a Find Our More page, which included more Books for them to read about that particular topic and Websites within...
Capstone's, which provides students and teachers with a list of resources available on the internet.
These four books are also available in Capstone Interactive as eBooks.  

This series would be a great resource to be able to share as a large group conversation and digital citizenship, technology and media literacy.  

Also, share these with parents as this is an essential conversation to have at home. 
You will find more information about Our Digital Planet here on the Capstone site. 

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