Monday, March 20, 2017

Read. Question. Think. With These 4 Free Amazing Posters From Andrea Beaty!

Ada Twist, Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere are three of my favorite children's book characters.  They are from my friend and amazing author, Andrea Beaty's wonderful stories focused around making, science, technology, engineering, architecture and all things STEAM.

Andrea's stories and characters are my favorite.  They are also the stories I used as I introduced the library Makerspace to our students and teachers.  The kids could relate to the characters and stories and their minds would race as they listened and dreamed with the illustrations.

Today, I was so excited to see Andrea's tweet above.  She has created four amazing posters for us to download and print from her site.

I LOVE what they say...
Be An Engineer. Read. Question. Think.  

Be A Citizen. Read. Question. Think. 
Be A Scientist. Read. Question. Think. 

Be An Architect. Read. Question. Think.  

These will be a wonderful addition to any Makerspace, library or classroom.  They will inspire conversations about so many things, including jobs that fit into the STEAM fields.

And they will bring a little piece of Andrea's special stories to our spaces.

You can download these four amazing posters from Andrea's website here.

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