Thursday, March 9, 2017

Makerspace Fingerprint and Thumbprint Creations Are Special!

One of the first books I bought when Brianna was born was Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals. It was so much fun watching her little hands copy the animals and make them her own.

Another favorite of mine that my children loved is Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book.  
Brianna and her younger brother Brady would spend so much time in this wonderful book with little colored fingerprints leaving their mark on the paper, book and on themselves and each other.   

Fingerprint and thumbprint creations are special for children and families because they are using something of their own when creating.  I will always treasure the ones that my children made as it is a glimpse back to when they were little.  

Fingerprint and thumbprint creations are perfect for our Makerspaces too! With a few ink pads, different types of plain paper, tissue paper, newspaper and other materials, children can create amazing things they will treasure too. 
Brianna and I started a new Pinterest board this week just for this.  You can find the Makerspace Fingerprint and Thumbprint Creations board here.
When I shared this post in our Future Ready Librarians Group, I received a note from Heather Draper Lesoine.  She reminded me of a very special set from Capstone to add to this post and list too. 
You will find the Fun With Fingerprints series here
I just LOVE these little Fingerprint Art Glass Magnets too.  You will find the directions and ideas here in this post from Rhythms of Play. 

And for lots more ideas, check out Ed Emberley's website

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