Saturday, March 11, 2017

Let's All StickTogether With This Special Colorful, Collaborative, Community-Building Activity!

Hagan and I are kicking off Spring Break with a fun collaborative, community-building activity!  
It is called StickTogether, which as the logo states creates colorful collaboration, one sticker at a time. 
Eric and I first saw StickTogether at the ALA Midwinter meeting in Atlanta.  There were people all around this giant poster in their booth adding over 7,000 stickers to complete this beautiful poster celebrating the joy of reading.  

This would be perfect for our libraries and Makerspaces!  I love the creative, community-building collaboration that takes place with StickTogether.  And this is perfect for all ages!  

I wanted to know more so I reached out to Sylvia Stein and Ivy Epstein, founders of StickTogether. They share the StickTogether Products, LLC Story with me....

The first StickTogether ® image was created at the 2015 World MakerFaireNY. Sylvia Stein, a lifelong maker and innovator, came up with the activity as a way to engage the maker community in a cumulative, collaborative project. The response from MakerFaire attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Makers of all ages gravitated to the activity and suggested a wide range of ‘StickTogether’ opportunities. A business was born!

Sylvia then connected with Brooklyn-based Ivy Epstein, a seasoned business operations professional, and together they created a line of kits to sell through the website. Since October 2016, the kits have been sold to customers throughout the US. They have been used in school classrooms, at family gatherings and events, in faith-based and community groups, and more! 

But the biggest fans have been Librarians from around the country, who have spearheaded the
StickTogether® movement, and spreading the word on social media. As a result, StickTogether Products, LLC was featured in the Innovation Pavilion at the American Library Association Mid-Winter Meeting in Atlanta this past January 2017, where over 800 attendees helped to complete a custom “Let’s Read” image.

“Librarians discovered StickTogether ® online, and have been sharing their experience on social media. As a result, we have sold StickTogether ® kits to libraries in almost every state in the US over the past 4 months. We are so grateful for, and gratified by the way the Librarians have embraced the StickTogether ® product and concept.” says Ivy Epstein, Co-Founder & President of StickTogether Products, LLC.

“For groups of all ages, StickTogether ® is a device-free, stress-free group activity that brings people together and let’s them celebrate collective accomplishment in living color. It’s a happy, feel-good activity!” says Sylvia Stein the Co-Founder and Creator of StickTogether Products, LLC.

I love their story and how librarians are integrating these into their spaces and programming.  

So over our holiday, Hagan, Eric and I thought we would try out one of the StickTogether posters too! 
We started with Tiger which consists of...
...3,996 colored stickers.  On the back of the package there are a few simple tips.  
We are going to do it on the floor, but you can also hang it on a wall (which is how we saw it at ALA Midwinter), placed flat on a table or even mounted to a piece of foam core.  
The StickTogether Color Key will guide the creating a it tells you which....
...of the colored stickers to stick to the poster.  
Hagan took a look at the poster and...
... decided on I or the light green colored square sticker first.

I started on the purple of letter L stickers.  It was such a fun activity for Hagan and I as we talked while we created together.  It can be a very special family activity as well.
To bring StickTogether to your home, library or school community, visit their site  

They have a variety of images and I love the...
 ...Custom Images they can create.
 When you visit the Custom Collection page check out....
the Special Event Sign-In- Board.  What a unique way to bring this collaborative, community-building activity to your events.
You will also find them at @byStickTogether on Facebook,
... and Instagram.  I love seeing others are creating.  You can share your creations too.
Thank you Sylvia and Ivy for sharing your story and for creating such an amazing product for our Makers.  

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