Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Online Community You Don't Want To Miss.....Follett Community! Look What You Can Expect!

One of my favorite online places to visit for sharing, learning, collaborating and connecting with other K-12 teacher librarians, educators and administrators is Follett Community.  

On March 24, Follett Community celebrated its second anniversary of the launch with 370,000 blog views, 33,000 logins, 6,700 posts and 6,600 registered members.  
As you can see, it has made an amazing impact on our community.  

This wonderful online community is a place to share the special things happening in your library or projects taking place in your classroom; ask questions; recommend books, online resources and the newest digital tools; research solutions to a variety of topics; and feel confident that no question is silly.  

In fact, take a look at a sample of the discussions you will find on Follett Community...

  1. A Reading/Book Mannequin Challenge
  2. Teachers Read, Too. How Do You Let Your Students Know This?
  3. How Do You Promote “Overlooked” Books?
  4. How to Create a Weeding List
  5. Merging Duplicate MARC Records
  6. Book Trailers – Best Way to Include in Destiny
  7. How to Make a Resource List?
  8. Ms. MARC Question – Foreign Language Materials
  9. Updating Records to Reflect Awards
  10. Eliminating My Overdue Fines – I Did It!
  11. Graphic Novel Cataloging
  12. 2017 Teacher’s Book Club
  13. Student Suggestions
  14. Book Mark Exchange

Each week I can’t wait to see what topics and discussions will come up.  It is engaging, inspiring and I always learn so much.
It is easy to join....Just go here to create a new account.  

And if you are already part of the Follett Community, please reach out!  I'd love to connect and share with you in Follett Community too.

In the next blog post about Follett Community, I will be sharing about the People of Follett Community.

I would also love to share a webinar coming up from Follett Community.
On April 18, I will be presenting a Follett webinar Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course.  

As the webinar page in the Follett Community states,

Don't miss my April 18 webinar as we explore the importance of teaching digital literacy, the effects of not addressing digital literacy in your school and how you can address this issue.  In today's climate of what's real and what is "fake" news, it's more important than ever to understand how you can best empower every student-even the very young-to become responsible digital citizens and critical consumers of information.  

We hope you can join us for this free webinar to learn more about digital literacy and Follett's Project Connect Digital Citizenship course too. 

Register at this link.   The webinar will be recorded.  If you cannot attend the live webinar, please register anyway to receive a link to the recording. 

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