Wednesday, March 15, 2017

6 Ideas For Using The New Makerspace Category In Buncee!

Makerspaces are popping up everywhere.....even in Buncee!  

I love that I can now search even more items in Buncee when I am creating a Makerspace Buncee for a presentation or just for fun.  

There are a couple ways to find things perfect for a Makerspace in Buncee.  
First, you can go to Search All and type in Makerspace.  This will bring up a variety of items.

Second, you can also search in the Makerspace categories in....
 and Stickers.  This will bring up a variety of Makerspace materials.
Also, when searching for a Background for your Makerspace, you will find several in the Library category.

I love this Makerspace one and all of the....
library backgrounds like the one I picked today when creating mine too.

Here are a 6 ideas for using the new Makerspace category in Buncee....

1.  You can have your students create Makerspace posters with Buncee to promote your space or events.  Post them all around your school by printing them off.  You can even share online. I really like how Buncee's can be embedded into a blog or website.  That makes your news come to life!
2.  You can share the Makerspace schedule and what is happening each week.  You will find lots of different calendar backgrounds to use in Buncee.

3. You can use Buncee to create a Makerspace newsletter with multiple pages.  You can share stories through text, voice and even embed videos.  Students would love to help create the Makerspace Newsletter in Buncee.  What a creative Makerspace activity too!  I shared this idea in the post 3 Ways To Bring Buncee To Your Makerspace.

4. How about using Buncee to gather materials for your Makerspace?  You could create a wish list and then share it with your school community.  This would be a wonderful way to tell about your Makerspace and why the materials are needed.  You can even upload images, links and other information about the products.
5.  You can promote the Makerspace books and eBooks in your collection using Buncee.  Create a Buncee and include these resources by pointing the Buncee back to Destiny Discover.  This is a powerful way to engage them in the collection to get them reading and making even more!

6. Buncee would be the perfect place for creating a Makerspace Scrapbook.  You and your students can add pages and stories to the Buncee as they happen throughout the year.

You can sign up here to start using Buncee today. I know you will enjoy creating Buncee's with all of the new Makerspace items.

I can't wait to see and hear how you use Buncee in your Makerspace too!

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