Thursday, March 9, 2017

8 Ideas For Using Buncee To Celebrate Reading and Books.....Let's Share Even More!

Tonight was #BunceeChat....and WOW, were there so many terrific ideas shared!
When Buncee Ambassador Larry Zuares asked... How can the new Library stickers encourage reading in school or classroom libraries, I couldn't help but get excited about every response!

Check out the ideas for using Buncee to celebrate reading and books....
Aren't they awesome?  I can't wait to start creating new Buncee's with these ideas!

In fact, today we were brainstorming ideas on using Buncee to celebrate School Library Month in April and Children's Book Week in May but we can celebrate reading and books every single day with Buncee too.
And with the new Library categories in Buncee, there are new Backgrounds, Stickers and Messages to make these reading and book creations extra special.  
I created a Padlet after #BunceeChat for these ideas shared tonight and for us to add even more.  

Please bookmark this link and keep adding your ideas.  I can't wait to see what you share. 
You can also see the whole transcript from tonight's #BunceeChat here.
Please join us on April 6 at 8:00pm EST for the next #BunceeChat!

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