Sunday, March 19, 2017

Celebrate Poem In Your Pocket With Us During Our LIVE Event On April 27!

April is filled with poetry fun as we celebrate Poetry Month.  

And on April 27 is one of the best celebrations of all!  It is Poem In Your Pocket Day and this year we have a wonderful celebration for all of you to join.  

Four libraries and their librarians and teachers will be coming together to celebrate including Craig Seasholes in Washington; Heather Fox, Tracy Ferguson and Kim James in Iowa; and Michelle Griffith and Karyn Lewis in Texas.  

To make this Poem In Your Pocket Day even more special we have invited....
Mrs. P,  
Mr. Forbes,  
and Blake Hoena with Cantata Learning.  They will be sharing poetry, singing songs and having fun creating and listening to the poems in the pockets of all the children too.  

We will be connecting using YouTube Live which is something all of you will be able to watch on April 27 from 12:30-1:00pm CST too. 

I will share a link as our event gets closer and on that day too. 
We hope you all join us and have poems ready to share.  We will be asking you to share these on Twitter during our live event to be highlighted LIVE too!  

To learn more about Poem In Your Pocket, please visit here.   

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