Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bring Community Coloring Sheets To Your Library & Makerspace With Block Posters!

Yesterday we had a fun conversation taking place in the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group about Community Coloring after I shared this post from my blog

Then Anita Cellucci, who is an awesome teacher librarian in Massachusetts, shared a picture of their community coloring that takes place in the library.  I LOVE this and I am sure a lot of you would love to add this to your libraries too. 

I love the big design they are coloring and loved finding sheets like this for my students. I also encouraged my students to create their own designs for coloring too.  With either of these giant coloring sheet ideas, you will need an easy and economical way to create these sheets.  

I have the tool for you. 
It's called Block Posters!  
With Block Posters, you can create HUGE homemade posters from images....and even drawing from your students, FREE!

All you have to do is upload an image, slide your image within Block Posters (it will tell you how) and download your poster to print.  Once you have printed it, put it together with tape on the back and let you students start coloring right away.

Block Posters will be an important addition to the community within your libraries, Makerspaces and among your colorers and creators too!

Find it here too! 

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