Tuesday, March 7, 2017

50 Tools For Makers You Don't Want To Miss!

I was so excited when I came across this post on Twitter!  
It was from the blog Lekkersamenklooien by....
Astrid P**t @astridpoot on Twitter here too.

I absolutely LOVE this post because Astrid created this AMAZING poster containing 50 Tools For Making Makers!  It contains anything from a glue gun to robots and even yeast for baking!

You can visit and download this poster here.
It is neat to see that your students/children can even mark off the different maker tool they use as they go!

To read on within this post is just as fun, because Astrid then explains 5 Very Pressing Reasons To Make Our Children Into Makers including...
This is a post that we all must read and share with our students and school communities! 

And post the poster Astrid has created!  I know our makers will LOVE this!  

Thank you Astrid!  You are doing amazing things for our makers.  We thank you for that!  

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