Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Read All About It...A New Way To Share eResources In Follett Destiny Discover!

Being able to share eBooks, databases and other online resources found in your library through Follett Destiny Discover is essential to your students, teachers and collection.  
I was always looking for ways to connect my students to reading in creative and fun ways.  QR codes were one of the ways I could do that.  
As my students, even our little ones, had access to more and more technology including iPods, laptops and their own devices, this gave me even more opportunities to bring reading to them in new ways. 
Also, with this technology and access, I was able to use QR codes within their research, writing and projects.
The QR codes and technology drew my students in. They were even more excited about learning and creating when using these new tools within our library and school.

I even used QR codes to send our eResources within Destiny home with our students to use and share with their family.  This was especially successful over breaks such as winter and summer vacation.

Now don't get me wrong....This was a TON of work.  I had to create QR codes for every resource by copying the link within Destiny and using a QR code generator.
But now there is a something NEW in Destiny Discover that will make you want to do everyday!  
A few days ago, my friend Cynthia Alaniz posted in the Future Ready Librarian Facebook Group...

I curated book lists for teachers, and included several eBooks.  Destiny Discover has a SHARE button that lets you create a QR Code!  

There you have it!  You can now create a QR Code for every resource in Destiny Discover at the click on a button.

Let me show you how....
When you are logged into Destiny Discover, you will see a little Share button in the right hand corner (it is circled here in green).

Click on Share and...
the Share This Link window will pop up.  

There is a link in the Copy Text window that you can share.  This goes directly to the resource.  This is very handy to use when creating resource lists.  

There is also a QR code that you can download.  I could download this and print it off.  

Or perhaps I want to leave it electronic and use it in collaborative reading lists like Cynthia did, flyers for the library and hallway, summer reading promotions, book clubs, research links, Makerspace books and music, book talks and so much more! 
Our friend Don Rokusek from Follett even showed us in the Facebook post how easy it is to get the link and QR code from the Destiny app too!
Don also hosted a webinar the end of January, which talked about these updates.  You can view the webinar and get all of the resources from that day here.

If you'd like to read more, please go to the Follett Destiny, What's New in Destiny Version 13.5, Including Automatic Updates packet here on pages 15 and 16.

The sky is the limit on how you use QR codes with all of the amazing eResources within your library collection.  Please share how you use them too!  

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