Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nimuno Loops, The Toy Block Tape, Takes Hagan's Imagination Out Of This World To New Places!

Hagan loves building, making, creating and using his imagination to take over any space that is available around him.  
 He build towns, castles, football fields and things straight out of that imagination of his.
Even though he has this giant 3-ring binder full of books and patterns that came with sets, Hagan can be found building without these, by himself and equipped with the skills of his own.
And even when his family builds with him, Hagan is the one who goes off on his own without the patterns and videos.  

He is equipped with his very own amazing ideas....hoping and knowing he will create something even more wonderful than what the blocks were intended to do and become.  
A lot of times though, he needed just a little bit more space, a few more extra sets, and something that would take his pieces and imagination off of the table, carpet and out of the space he was creating within.  

Well now we have it!  A few days ago, Hagan and I saw something online that we knew would become a vehicle for his imagination, making and creativity.   
It is called Nimuno Loops...The Toy Block Tape, which instantly transforms virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks and components, as the Indiegogo site states here
Watch this short video to see how Nimumo Loops, the toy block tape works!  
Hagan and I love how you can cut it, shape it and stick it almost anywhere to carry your building to brand new places and ways you never thought possible before.  
When looking at the Indiegogo site, we read all about the two people who created Nimuno Loops, Anine Kirsten and Max Basler.  Their story and passion for creating and building is fascinating and one that will bring change to the building with blocks that we all know.
Hagan and I couldn't wait to support this Indiegogo campaign by purchasing several rolls of black, grey, purple and blue.  You can visit the page to purchase yours and support Anine and Max's dream too.

I can't wait to watch where Nimuno Loops takes Hagan and where the toy block tape takes your students in the library, Makerspaces and classrooms too.

Remember to visit the site here today!

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