Saturday, March 4, 2017

Be Inspired By The #WallpaperWednesday From Buncee!

Every Wednesday I can't wait to see what my Buncee friends share.  You see, there is something called #WallpaperWednesday where awesome Buncee backgrounds or wallpapers are shared and celebrated.

Last week, I was super excited to see the Books on Books background created and shared for #WallpaperWednesday.  This was inspired by the work we are doing in Buncee to create a special collection of library assets to be used for branding, organizing and so much more.

You can read this post from the Buncee Blog here.
You will also find more of #WallpaperWednesday on the Buncee blog here

Here are a few of my favorites...
And there are lots more you will love too!  
Also, I have a column on my TweetDeck set up.  This way I don't miss any of these awesome Buncee backgrounds being shared.

I just searched #WallpaperWednesday + @Buncee to bring everything together in one place.

I hope you find these super helpful too.  They always give me the inspiration I need to create something with the #WallpaperWednesday being shared....or to create my own based on these too.

And to find out more about Buncee, please visit

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