Thursday, March 16, 2017

Promote Student Voice & 21st Century Skills With Capstone's New Interactive Learning App....pivotEd

One of the most exciting new learning platforms I learned about at TCEA last month was pivotEd from Capstone

I spent time in the Capstone booth learning how this amazing new interactive learning app will help us, as teacher librarians, develop the 21st Century Skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity within our each and every one of our learners.  

pivotEd supports students making deeper connections while developing critical thinking through a variety of lessons focusing on reading, writing, reviewing, creating, sharing, discussions and more. 

As students work together in pivotEd on engaging lessons with their teacher librarians and teachers, they are also developing essential digital citizenship skills in this online platform as a participant and member of this social community. 
Today I was excited to see Capstone officially launch pivotEd!
As the press release on their website states,
pivotEd integrates thinking skills lesson templates (KWL, Text Features, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contest, and Primary Sources) with any print or digital content, allowing librarians to easily customize lessons for different grades or objectives using the resources they have already curated in their library’s collection. 
Equipped with their own device, students respond to librarian-led prompts, encouraging critical and original thinking. 
After contributing to the discussion, students then see the real-time responses of their peers, which build on their understanding of the lesson. 

Librarians monitor the lesson and responses, making formative assessments in the moment about which concepts are mastered and which need more discussion.

With more than 500 lessons already connected to more than 250 Capstone titles, teacher librarians have a wealth of content and resources to pull from as we teach library specific skills and collaborate with classroom teachers to tie pivotEd into content-area objectives and curriculum too.

I am looking forward to creating my own lessons in pivotEd and have started to brainstorm several ideas. Let me just say...the possibilities are endless!

I can't wait to learn more in the webinar series Capstone is hosting!
You can join one of the 30-minute webinars too by signing up at this link.

I am excited about pivotEd. I know pivotEd is going to make a difference within our libraries as teacher librarians lead students in the development and engagement of 21st Century Skills through this platform, technology and the amazing Capstone books and digital resources.

And most of all, I love how pivotEd will allow every student's voice to be heard.

Visit to learn more.

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