Thursday, July 27, 2017

Writing, Projects, Library and More Buncee Possibilities Than Ever Before!

Our amazing friends at Buncee have added a super cool spot for lots of Buncee Possibilities to their homepage.

All you have to do is scroll down a little and you will see 6 different Buncee Possibility categories including Blended Learning, Writing Activities, Projects, Library, Invitations and RSVP's, and Communication.

Under each of these categories are three little boxes that will take you to posts filled with ideas, examples and inspiration of these Buncee possibilities.
For example, if I click on the Writing Activities, 
I can open Digital Story Books,
Buncee Doodle and...
Language Learning, which takes me to resources like...
this post for each one.

These Buncee Possibilities will open up so many more ideas as they get us thinking about the amazing possibilities for you and your students too!

You can check these out half way down the Buncee homepage here.

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