Friday, July 21, 2017

UPDATE....Let's Follow Heather In Her Makerspace Journey In The Amana Elementary Library!

My sister, Heather Fox, has been up a whole lot of fun in the Amana Elementary Library this summer.  
As you remember, she kicked off Makerspaces by adding a Makerspace Cart to her library last year. 
I just love how she repurposed the old book cart and brought so much creativity, collaboration and inspiration to her community.  

You can read all about Heather and their Makerspace cart here
Well, now she is taking that cart and spreading her Makerspace into a room close to the library.

Last week she called me and we Facetimed while she was in the room.
We talked about the closet and how she could turn that into storage and a supply place...even taking off a couple of those doors to open it up.
 I love the colors she is painting and the vision she has.
This sweet little table is even going to be their new LEGO table.  How cool is that?

Heather, we love what you are doing in your library.  I can't wait to come see it this weekend and watch as you transform this space into an amazing new Makerspace for your community.  

UPDATE JULY 28, 2017...Repurposing Furniture For The Makerspace
As Heather continues to work on the Makerspace in her library, she has been repurposing lots of shelves, desks and storage pieces with a little paint and a lot of love.

Look at a few of these in this update.
I really love how Heather is taking things they already have in the library, adding a coat or paint or two in wonderful colors and thinking about how this furniture will work in their Makerspace.

I can't wait to see what she does next!

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