Sunday, July 9, 2017

Collections, Padlets & Google Drives, oh my! We have a dedicated place 4 #futurereadylibs resources.

Recently I saw a post on our Future Ready Librarian Facebook page that got me thinking.
Antigone Trowbridge asked...

Hey Future Ready Admins! Do we have a dedicated place to gather resources? A Collection or Dropbox or Google Drive? We seem to want them and need them but they can be hard to find in FB.

I am here to tell you....We sure do!  

Let me show you three things that will be super helpful as we start building our Future Ready Librarian resources. 
First, we have the Future Ready Librarian Collection by Destiny.  

In this Collection you will find the FRL Google Drive, FRL Padlet, the Future Ready Librarian site and more.  

Since I use Collections within my Destiny Discover to keep track of things, the Future Ready Librarian Collection is so handy because all of the other resources are here.    
There is a Chrome extension for Adding to Collections, which makes it very quick to add to the Future Ready Librarian Collection.  

You will find the Future Ready Librarian Collection here.  If you could like to be a collaborator, please let me know and I will add you.  I'd love to have you help. 
Second, I created a new Future Ready Librarians Resources Padlet to organize all of the amazing resources we are sharing and creating focused around Future Ready Librarians.  

With the updates to Padlet in the last few months and the ability to make and organize columns within the Shelf format makes it super handy to share.  
I have created several columns including....Connect with Future Ready Librarians, Future Ready Librarians Tools, Future Ready Librarians Events, Future Ready Librarians Presentations and Videos, Future Ready Librarians Articles/Posts and Future Ready Librarians Ideas and Tips. 

There is also a column for each of the 10 gears in the Future Ready Librarian framework.  
It will be very easy for all of us to add resources to the Padlet.  

All you have to do is find the column that your resource fits, scroll down and click on the round circle with a + inside. 
You will add a title and description to your note.

You can also add various additions to your note such as a voice message, video, image, document and attachment.  I use the attachment feature the most...this is the one in the middle with the circle and + sign.
If you have a video or link, click on attachment (circle with + sign).  You can add an URL, choose a file and even take a photo from your webcam.

For this note, I copied the Future Ready Librarians Websites and Blogs Padlet URL, pasted it in the Add an Attachment note on Padlet, clicked the arrow....
and my note was added to...
the Future Ready Librarians Ideas and Tips Column on the Padlet.  
If you want to add another column to the Future Ready Librarians Resources Padlet, please do so!

It is very easy.  You just move over to the right hand side of the Padlet and you will see another place to Add Column.  
You will name your column and click save.

The columns and notes can be moved around too.

Please start sharing on the Future Ready Librarians Padlet too.  You will find it here.
And to make it even easier, add the Padlet Extension.  It is awesome and I love sharing and saving that way.
You can also make comments on any of the notes too.  You will go to the bottom of that note, add your comment and click the little arrow or send button.  It will be added to the note, just as mine in on the one above.
Third, I have created the Future Ready Librarian Google Drive.

I added the FRL Framework, Padlet, FRL Goal Google Sheets you can copy for your own, FRL Webinar Google Slide presentations,
and a separate Folder for each one of the FRL Gears.  

As this grows, we can add more Folders within the Drive too.  Please feel free to help with this and add resources too. 

You can get to the Future Ready Librarian Google Drive here
Again, there is a Google Drive Chrome Extension...
that makes it really easy to share things to the Drive.

With so many amazing resources being shared, created, celebrated and curated every day, these tools will help us keep track, organize, collaborate and learn as we become the best Future Ready Librarians we can be.

Please gather, share and create Future Ready Librarian resources too.

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