Thursday, July 27, 2017

Students Will Make Their Mark On The World For Dot Day With The Global Buncee Project!

One of my favorite days, International Dot Day, is coming up on September 15.  

This is the day we celebrate with Peter Reynolds, author and illustrator of The Dot and other books, in making our mark on the world...just like his sweet little character Vashti in the book.

I have celebrated Dot Day for several years and love finding art, writing, science, math, photography and lots of other projects which empower children to make their mark on the world.

That is what Dot Day is all about....Making a difference by the mark you make on the world!  

And this year, I have the perfect project idea for Dot Day!  
We can use Buncee to have our students create Dot Day creations in a variety of ways.  

To explain this Global Dot Day Buncee Project, I put together a special Buncee that you can click through at the top of this post or find here

Here are a few ways your students can create Buncee's for Dot Day.  
1. Students can create a one-page or multiple-page Buncee just like my friend Lila did in her Dot Day Buncee.  
2. Your entire class can do a collaborative Dot Day Buncee like this one.  I asked several friends to create their very own Buncee to add to this one.

In fact, these came from friends in Illinois, New York, Iowa and Chicago.
With the Clip and Stitch feature found in Buncee, you can create a collaborative Dot Day Buncee with a class, your entire school or even students and schools around the world by stitching all of their Buncee pages together into one.

Learn more about the Clip and Stitch feature here.  It is super fun and very easy to create a  digital global collaborative project with Buncee.

3. Students can also create Buncee's with their family at home.  This is a wonderful way to pull in the meaning of this special day into a family and community project.  
You will also find a few quick tips in the Dot Day Buncee from me and my friends....
We would love to know how you are going to create your Dots in Buncee too!.  
To make this Dot Day Buncee project even more meaningful, I would love for you to have your students share their Buncee's here on the Global Buncee Dot Day Project Buncee Board. 

Not only will they create a Buncee, but they will have the chance to connect to another school or schools which truly makes a difference and impact on our children too. In Padlet, they can also make comments and read comments that others make.
One more thing...I created a Dot Day Collection filled with resources, The Dot Day video and song, and lots of ideas to make your Dot Day super special.  

Have fun with this Global Buncee Dot Day Project and please let me know if you have any questions. 

I can't wait to see all of the DOTS your students and community create too. 

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