Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dots, Frames and A Little Surprise For This Special Dot Day Project Using Buncee!

With Dot Day coming up on September, I have been brainstorming all kinds of ideas to celebrate.

Last week, my friends at Buncee and I did a litttle of our own!

Meagan, one of the amazing designers at Buncee, has been creating a few new assets that will be perfect for Dot Day.
You will find the Dots in the Colors category of stickers and...
...the beautiful new frames in the Frames category.

If you wonder why Dots and Frames are needed for this project, watch The Dot by Peter Reynolds and get ready for Dot Day on September 15 too!   

You can sign up and learn more on the Dot Day site. 

More to come in a few days on how all of you can contribute to this very special Buncee project too! 

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