Friday, July 14, 2017

Create Your Very Own Coloring Pages With This!

It is so fun seeing coloring become such a wonderful community in libraries, classroom, public spaces and homes.  It brings people and families together through an artistic activity and conversation.

As we bring different types of coloring materials and experiences to our students, we look for a variety of unique options too.

I found one that will let you create personalized coloring sheets in just a few steps.   
It is called Coloring Pages Maker

You can pick from a variety of templates they have or even upload your own image.
 Once you select your template, you type in what you want it to say and select a font type.  
When you are finished, you can preview, add more captions, download and print.
I love how it printed!  It was so much fun to color.
I also found one where I created a question for the caption.  This makes coloring thought provoking.  

You could tie it into different areas of the curriculum, events, holidays and so much more. 
I can't wait to see what all of you create with Coloring Pages Maker.  Please share the creations with all of us. 

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