Sunday, July 30, 2017

Take Your State And National Award Book Lists And Turn Them Into Collections This Year!

With school starting in the next several weeks, it is also time to celebrate and highlight all of the wonderful state and national award books.

In our library, we always kicked off the school year with engaging displays in the library, hallways and also online of the Iowa Association of School Librarians Book Awards books.  Not only were these great titles to highlight and have our young people read, they were also books that our students could vote on in the spring after reading them throughout the year.

Most books, authors and illustrators have sites and book trailers that highlight their work, so this makes it easy for us to pull these resources together in a Collection within our Destiny Discover!
Today, I started by adding the 2017-18 Iowa Association of School Librarians Book Award lists in my Collections.
The Iowa Children's Choice List is one of my favorites so I gathered up book trailers and author websites from this list and added them to a new Collection I called Iowa Children's Choice Award 2017-18.  
You can go to this Collection here.

I selected Anyone with a link can VIEW so that makes it super easy to share through a link, email or Google Classroom.
When I located the book trailers and author websites like Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate, which is one of the 2017-18 Iowa Children's Choice Award books...
...I clicked on the Add to Collection Bookmarklet to add the resource to my Iowa Children's Choice Award 2017-18 Collection.  
That book trailer is now embedded in that Collection.

Remember...if you have the book in your library, you can even include a link to that book in the Collection. 

This is such an awesome way to get these books into the hands of our students through the library, classroom and online.  It will connect them to these special books we want all of our students to read.

Iowa isn't the only state to have book awards!  Most states celebrate books for our young readers too!
 We could take lists such as the Texas Bluebonnet, 
 South Carolina Picture Book, Florida Teens Read, 
South Caroline Young Adult Book and Illinois Monarch award lists and create Collections of these books too.
We can also create Collections from the ALA Youth Media Awards.

One of my favorite days each year is when these award winning books are announced at ALA Midwinter.  We would always celebrate these in our library too so to make a Collection would be a super fun way to share these with the students and teachers in our school.
As we think about our state award books and those that have been given national awards, Follett has the perfect place to go!

You will find all of the National and State Award Lists on this page on the Follett site.

And if you want to see the Award Lists and other information for your state, just go here...
 where it will ask you to log into your Titlewave account.  From here, you can search state resources.

You can see in the image above I am searching all of the Iowa award books.  This is an easy way to see which titles I can pull into my Collections.
I can even order all of the Iowa Award books from this Titlewave page too.
At the bottom of this page, you will find this little United States icon which will let you search Other States too.
You can search National Award Lists here too.

With all of this talk about award winning books, I decided to create a Collection for Caldecott Books too.
I started by adding the Caldecott winners for 2017 but plan to add even more to this Collection too.

You will find the Caldecott Books Collection here.

Our students will love exploring the state and national book award Collections.  They will watch the book trailers, read about the authors and illustrators, and learn about new books they want to read during this new school year.

I can't wait to see what Collections you create to get your students excited about these books too!

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