Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Check Out The LibrarianChat Flipgrid! A Great Place For Us To Connect!

My friend Victoria Benitez, who is the amazing teacher librarian at Greenspoint Elementary in Aldine ISD, Texas has kicked off something awesome for all of us!

She has started the LibrarianChat Flipgrid and will be a wonderful place to connect through video conversations.  
This week Victoria focused the questions around getting to know each other, what we are currently doing and developing a sense of what we already know about the Future Ready Librarian framework.
As she adds more questions to the LibrarianChat Flipgrid, Victoria will gather things we want to talk about such as book recommendations, lesson ideas, Makerspaces, the different wedges with the Future Ready Librarian framework and much more.

I am excited to see this happen and can't wait to be part of the conversations.

Remember in Flipgrid, we can record a video and we can also make video or text comments back to the original video too.  It will be a great place to really connect and collaborate with others.

Thank you Victoria for being such a special leader in our tribe.  

You can follow the LibrarianChat Flipgrid here and..
 Victoria at @MrsB_ILS

Also, follow #LibrarianChat on Twitter too. 

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