Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Let's Create & Play Our Own Buncee Doodle With PebbleGo & Other Resources!

One of my new favorite educational games is Buncee Doodle!  
If you remember, this was one of my most favorite things about the 2017 ISTE Conference in San Antonio. 

I loved watching everyone play Buncee Doodle in the Buncee booth....especially watching Eric and Marie draw Little House On The Prairie and trying to guess.  

Now that was fun!  
After playing, we started to think...

Wouldn't it be fun to create Buncee Doodle cards that were connected to different topics in Capstone PebbleGo and other places students researched and read such as eBooks, the internet and books within their library and classroom?   

So, today I took this idea and created my very first Buncee Doodle about People In Our Community. 
To start, I went to PebbleGo Social Studies and looked up the Jobs in the Community articles.  There were 12 different articles, so I would include those on my Buncee Doodle cards. 

I also brainstormed a few more jobs.  As I said before, the students can also use other resources to do their research and use the background knowledge they already have of different jobs. 
I then found the Background for the Buncee Doodle cards and copied it several times.  I needed enough cards for a class.  

I added the title People In Our Community to the top and a different job at the bottom of each card.  
I also made a slide with Buncee Doodle so I could print the cards double sided, like they were at ISTE.   

You will find the Buncee I created today with these Buncee Doodle cards here.  
One other thing you could add to your Buncee Doodle cards is add an image for another clue.  

This would be great for your beginning readers and those needing a little extra help.  
To print the Buncee Doodle cards, you go to Download in the upper right hand corner and...
download the slides as a PDF.  This makes it very easy to select the Buncee slides you want to print.  

I printed mine of heavy white card stock and cut them out with a paper cuter.  It was super easy and quick.  
In the Buncee, I also included directions for the teacher or librarian and... 
...for the student too.   
And at the very end, you will find the steps for playing Buncee Doodle as told by Amber McCormick and found on the Buncee Blog in the post What Is Buncee Doodle 
I am so excited about Buncee Doodle!  

Buncee Doodle can be used for so many things...New books in the library, science review, math problems, retelling historical events, library orientation, rhyming words, sharing opposites, famous people and even as an ice breaker in getting to know each other at the beginning of the year.  

In fact, it would be really fun for teachers to play at the beginning of the year.  And now you can make your very own Buncee Doodle by using the Buncee I created today.  

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